Panzer Aces No. 49

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Panzer Aces No. 49

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Before the MENG kit hit the shelves, we could only reproduce this AFV with the TAURO Models release –outdated in every way- so Carlos de Diego Vaquerizo rebuilt it almost from scratch using the treads and a few other pieces taken from the original kit. The vehicle has been painted with the Losenge pattern so typical of this period.

These AFV's were nothing but self propelled guns and most of these vehicles have a suspicious "farm tractor" aftertaste -revealing the vehicle's compromised origins- sporting machine guns and armoring. Luckily the French camouflage patterns are anything but boring as Laurent Stankoviak beautifully demonstrates with his work.

36.- SAINT CHAMOND "Walkaround"
In the AFV museum in Saumur we can find a few WWI "survivors" such as this Chamond which Laurent has photographed in order to improve his kit. The main pictures employed for the development of his work are showcased here.

42.- MK. IV MaLE
The paintwork of British tanks contrary to the French ones is pretty sober and quite insipid from a modeler's point of view; at least its large treads give us some room to create some interesting dirt as José Luis López demonstrates with his kit.

The tractor which is the base for this self propelled gun is a relatively small vehicle and carried a smaller gun than the Chamond, which gave it a rather curious and better balanced look. Michel Pérez has chosen a simple and effective, yet hard to reproduce camouflage pattern which is rather apt for an original humid appearance for a scene set during the fall.

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