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Zakoupením tohoto produktu získáte až 7 věrnostních bodů. Za obsah Vašeho košíku získáte celkem 7 věrnostních bodů , které mohou být převedeny na slevový kupón v hodnotě 14 Kč.

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This book contains two incredible dioramas inspired by the battles in Lebanon in 1982. The authors of this special delivery of Dioramag are the masters Imad Bouantoun (Lebanon) and Takehisa Shimotani (Japan) and in its 96 pages tell us how they made two masterpieces. " Dioramag Lebanon 1982" is a compendium of dozens of tricks and techniques. Don’t miss it! 

We are thrilled by the overwhelming response our magazine has received, with thousands of fans from all over the world. In this second special issue, we are proud to feature the talented Japanese modeler Takehisa Shimotani and our good friend Imad Bounanton from Lebanon. Both artists share their expertise through articles filled with tips, tricks, and techniques, all clearly explained with dozens of accompanying photographs. Their compositions showcase intricate details of vehicles, figures, buildings and terrains. With a focus on reader interest, the authors delve into the finer details of dioramas, including how to create broken glass, water tanks, walls, doors and many other

elements. No detail is left out, providing readers with the motivation and knowledge to embark on their own projects. We are confident that you will thoroughly enjoy this book. 

96 pages – Soft Bound – All texts in English

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