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Dioramag: an entire magazine focused on dioramas and scenes. You will find the best articles of the best modellers and writers in the world. Step by step articles, painting techniques, building techniques, showcases, news, reviews and much more.

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Title: Dioramag Vol.12 – Race to the Reichstag


ISBN: 978-84-124788-2-2




4.- “Race to the Reichstag" by Johan Søltoft

14.- NEWS

20.- MIG-25“Laid to Rest” by Mirco Marcato

30.- "Cobra King First in Bastogne" by Riccardo Casati

38.- "Back to the Eastern Front" by Javier Soler

50.- SHOWCASE DIORAMAG: Roman Lappat

58.- "Turn Around and Don’t Look Back" by Lechu Villanueva

70.- "Sicily 1943 " by Giovanni Lombardo

80.- "The Factory Post-Apocalyptic" by Vincenzo Lanna

92.- SEASONS Part 3: Summer, Aron Vrbovszki

96 pages – Soft Bound – All texts in English

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